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1 October 2009

Media Release: Call for bomb decontamination as Commonwealth updates UXO maps

PIC: Unexploded UXOs


Unexploded World War II bombs continue to pose a major threat to Ipswich residents following publication of updated UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) maps by the Commonwealth Government.

This has prompted a call for the Australian and United States governments to decontaminate affected sites in residential areas across Australia.

There are 307 areas in Queensland which have been assessed as containing UXO contamination with 73 officially classified as "substantial".

In Ipswich 17,219 individual parcels of land are listed as being affected by unexploded UXOs.

Thousands of residents of Redbank, Goodna, Redbank Plains, Gailes and Bundamba are living close to the affected areas.

Ipswich City Council Planning spokesman Paul Tully described the situation as "horrendous".

"It's almost 65 years since the end of World War II and we still have these bombs lying around waiting for a tragedy to happen."

"Redbank was a major Australian and American military base during the second world war and there are regular reports of UXOs being unearthed by inquisitive children or popping-off during local bushfires."

"The Yanks are responsible for many of these unexploded bombs buried around Ipswich and they should bear the cost of cleaning it up."

Cr Tully said several UXOs had been discovered at Redbank during the current upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway on former Commonwealth land which had been part of the defunct Redbank Rifle Range.

In 2006, workers unearthed a live mortar bomb near Cedar Road at Redbank Plains during the construction of the new water pipeline.

In February 1943, a 12-year old schoolboy died at Goodna after a live mortar shell he brought to the local Catholic School exploded.

He had discovered it at a nearby American war base.

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