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22 March 2010

Eddie McGuire needs a history lesson after his giant stuff-up this evening on Channel 9

Eddie McGuire
confuses his
p's and c's

Former head of the Australian Nine Network Eddie McGuire showed why he was relegated back to game show host with his historical stuff-up on tonight's Millionaire Hot Seat.

Eddie confused his amphibians with his flora, declaring the notorious cane toad had been introduced into Australia in 1935 to eradicate the prickly pear!

That would have been bloody tough eating for the little critters chewing their way through tens of thousands of hectares of the spiky, prickly pear.

And poor Eddie probably thinks the rabbit was introduced Downunder to get rid of the cane beetle.

Eddie, it was the cactoblastis cactorum caterpillar which was brought to Queensland from South America in the 1920s to devour the state's prickly pear.

Ever since his ordinary performance at the 1998 Australian Constitutional Convention as a show-pony Republican, Eddie's intellectual capacity has been widely questioned.

But tonight's embarrassing faux pas by Eddie McGuire shows Channel 9 needs someone running its high-profile game shows with more intellectualism than a failed television network CEO and failed AFL club entrepreneur.

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